Finally! The Sensor Question for Wall Packs is Resolved!


Did you want sensors with that? 

The mighty wall pack! They are the lighting staple (along with poles) at any given commercial site. These are the fixed Titians of business outside! They provide safety for employees; they offer a guide for walkways and act as an architect’s ambassador to the design of their buildings lines at night. Unfortunately these barons’ of the night are also targets of vandals (two legged or winged variety), weather, target practice, age and in time, need to be replaced.

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So now, (for whatever reason: LED replacement to reduce your hourly operating cost and save money on your Utility bill or normal maintenance replacement), you’re ready to purchase your new LED wall packs. You will match your specification requirements, (70w / 175w / 250w etc.) find the unit that works for you and your good to go.

Then you think (like 2 days later while you’re looking at the old wall packs) “will those packs 30w-sensor-led-wall-pack-lighting-7come with sensors?” “Did I remember that they are on a timer?” “No, they’re on sensors!!” “But I don’t remember it saying… or did it… when I ordered them?” “Do the wall packs I ordered come with sensors?” “Darn it.. now I gotta look at the site again”.

Some of the time folks do not think about the sensors on wall packs, it’s almost a given that when you order new LED product replacements that they will interchange with the old unit to a T, they are advertised that way, right? But what about the sensors?  

This is a good lesson (and facts) I can to share with you:

Most LED manufactures will offer sensor(s) at no charge or as part of the unit being sold. It is always a good practice to SAY OR NOTE when placing a wall pack order to include sensors!! (Unless you are on a timer system, and if you are, consider using sensors on the next wall pack purchase go round!! Less KWh used!!)
confussed_1OK, so you get your order(s), open the boxes or your installers do, and what do we see? A wall pack, bag of hardware or brackets (sometimes) and a bag containing a SENSOR! WHAT THE……??!! That’s right, the sensor is not installed!! OMG….don’t tell the boss, good lord, we can’t use these, the project needs to be done in 3 seconds or were all dead!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!


You get it. Why aren’t they installed is the big question!?  

Because wall packs can be located in so many different areas of the building like under a roof, or blocked by a tree, or facing North or a sign is blocking the sun path, whatever the case, LED manufactures make wall packs in a standard template. (Unless you request sensor installation from the factory, and even then, there is no guarantee that they will arrive installed…just say’n)LED-Wall-Pack-Lighting-Fixtures-With-Sensor-1
They (the LED manufacturers) mold pilot holes or punch outs on the body of the wall pack itself so YOU or your installer can place/install the sensor on one of three locations, top of the unit, left or right. This gives you the control of where to place the sensor for optimum reaction to changing gray scale. Hence, the pack goes off when it sees light and turns on when the light is gone (sun up / sun down).

Actually it’s pretty smart to offer options and LED manufacturers have learned to be way more versatile in their thought process when designing and making wall packs. Trial and error if you will. So with that, just remember to be conscious of the fact that wall pack sensors matter!!

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