circuit_masterYou can buy capacitors to save energy and improve power factors. You can buy surge protection for equipment. You can buy low pass filters for low frequency noises.

With Circuit Master you get it all in the same box. The Circuit Master works on all inductive loads from HVAC/R and water to oil wells and machine shops.

What genuinely makes this product different and thus sets it apart from other devices on the market is a built in line noise filtering (LNF) circuit. This LNF circuit helps to balance out the distortions in the wave cycle which causes KVAR’s in the harmonic balance associated with inductive loads.

This feature in turn helps many computer controlled and state of the art electronic equipment to run more reliably. All units connect or disconnect via NEC approved electrical hook apparatus to electrical panels (see installation instructions).

The other major components used in Circuit Master products are line filter capacitors. These types of components have been used to improve the power factor and reduce the amount of KVA needed from the utility to run various inductive loads.

Combining both components in the Delta made energy-saving products enhance the ability of the overall productRCIS_Logo performance. The achieved savings derived from using MOV, TVSS and line filter capacitance together in one unit maximizes the energy-saving features in real-time operations.

Actual results show anywhere from 10% to 20% or more in monthly electrical savings.


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