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Hello, My name is Dan Chesser, CBA-CES, and I am a proud single Parent and the principal here at Decafe Energy.  I have spent most of my career on mainly commercial and DOD projects throughout the United States providing energy cost savings to every project proposed and approved. Recommending Green, cost effective Energy Savings is my passion!

I am a “nuts and bolts” guy. I like simplicity. I do not like to be “sold” or given a bill of goods, who does? I enjoy conversations with other professionals and have gained valuable knowledge through the revolutionary energy research, beta testing and imputation of the latest energy cost reduction developments to date. That experience has taken me across the country to several new and not so new energy saving experiences. I have met some great folks along the way, I have observed a plethora of products, improvements, retro-fits, installs and cumulative data to support or reject said project(s). I have also been blessed with the opportunity to work with highly experienced, proficient and skillful Engineers, CEM’s and PE’s.

What does this mean to you?

It means that we at Decafe Energy are able to help you improve your bottom line thru smart Energy saving recommendations. Looking ahead, Our Global energy future is everyone’s business, good stewardship of our technologies, storage, usage and generation is paramount to our children’s life span and beyond. I want to share with you these wonderful energy saving options.

DeCafe (your) Energy (usage) is what we do.
Lighting / HVAC / Power Conditioning / Controls
DeCafe (reduce) your KWh (kilowatt per hour) usage with cost effective products and energy saving devices that work!
Facts about our offered products:
Usually less than 2 year ROI
Full manufacturer’s warranties
Ease of install
Most US utilities rebate programs will honor these products.
Lighting on DLC or not
Options for complete commercial or residential audits
The best part…In stock, guaranteed delivery, and best pricing all at your fingertips!

I want to thank you again for stopping in and enjoying a “DeCafe” moment with me! I encourage you to download specs from my site and share the data with your energy professional (s) or fellow business owners or friends or anyone who will listen!
If you have a specific need of a product or a model number to share, pass it along to us, we’ll shop and research it for you and send you the direct links!
I’ll see you on campus!
Dan 🙂



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